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Nippon Paint has consistently set new industry standards with specially developed coatings for enhanced performance and vehicle life-span.

Nippon Paintís automotive products include surface treatment chemicals, protective base-coats, intermediate coats and sparkling top-coats.

Nippon Paint is the only company that supplies an entire paint system for cars, dominating Asian markets such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Nippon Paint has developed a polarised paint, Maziora, which changes colour depending on the angle from which it is viewed or from where the light highlights it. This paint is used to re-paint automobiles or used as high-design paint for new automobiles and designer racing cars. Maziora can also be used on sporting goods, cellular phones and musical instruments.

While presenting a total service solution for automobile manufacturers worldwide, Nippon Paint is also closely allied with leading car manufacturers in North America and Europe.

Nippon Paintís research team is currently developing eco-friendly products for the next generation automotive industry.